Saturday, November 28, 2020

Up before the alarm sounded

Journal entry for Saturday, November 28, 2020 

Day (47)

I was surprised to wake up before my alarm sounded! This was a good thing. I get more done in the mornings of each day. So it was today. I was up just before 5 am. My coffee pot is preset to start brewing at 5 am so I let the clock tick until the coffee pot started instead of manually starting it. At any rate, once I had a cup filled with coffee I was off and running. I did some of my laundry. I did a little reading. I ate a good breakfast. I fed my dogs. It all felt right because I was not rushed. I got to talk with my wife before heading out the door to go to work. 

I noticed on the weather gauge before walking out the door that it was 47 F out. It was sort of cloudy. 

I stopped by the church on the way to feed and water the church cats. I also did a walk through to check on things. Everything was in order as far as I could tell, so I proceeded to commute to Charlottesville. It was an easy commute. A little more traffic than usual for a Saturday but perhaps people were traveling home after the holiday. I arrived at my office by 9 am. The day was pleasant. 

Advent begins tomorrow.  

Day after Thanksgiving

Journal entry for Friday, November 27, 2020

Day (46) 

The day after a Holiday always has a distinct feel, in a good way. I suppose it has something to do with the release of all that led up to preparing for the Holiday. So it was today. I am still amazed at the peace of the day yesterday. It truly was a great Thanksgiving. Our church has weathered some storms this year and we made it through together with the help of God. All of this was on my mind throughout the day yesterday. I am humbled by God's ways and how he carried our church through. I am thankful. 

I spent the day (today) in Charlottesville at the Mohr Center. I led a morning group therapy session and a late afternoon session. I also took care of some paper work. I work tomorrow and then I am off for a few days. 

Advent begins this Sunday. 

Friday, November 27, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

Journal entry for Thursday November 27, 2020 

Day (45) 

Wow! What a great Thanksgiving! The day was off to a great start with just hanging out at home drinking coffee, spending time with family, and feeding my dogs. Just taking my time and recharging. As the morning wore on we started getting things ready for the Thanksgiving communal meal at the Church in the afternoon. We made a last minute trip to the grocery store to get a couple bags of ice and other items. Once we made it to the church we started doing what we could to help out. There was no stress other than me and my son trying to boost the internet signal. I think we should invest in better routers. We were attempting to use a WiFi extender but our router was not cooperating. The end goal was to be able to stream a football game. Turns out I was stressing for nothing because instead of watching a game on TV we all went out and played flag football. We ended up playing until there was no more daylight. Overall, it was a great Thanksgiving. Everyone was in good spirits, the food was plenteous and delicious and we had more than enough!  Everyone stayed for the entirety of the event which spoke volumes to me as a pastor. We had guests too! And they stayed and played football! I am so thankful to God for the day and for the great time together as a church family. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and Shepard the flock. It's a joy and privilege to continue on as the pastor of Central Baptist Church in Lowesville, Va.  

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Starting the Thanksgiving Holiday a little early

Journal entry for Wednesday November 25, 2020 

Day (44) 

I woke up later than usual and rushed around to get out the door in order to make it to Charlottesville by 8:30 am. It was going to be a close one because I dropped by the church to feed the cats and hand the car radiator to a friend who is going to install it. He was actually at the church splitting wood. He is slowly working away at slitting the wood from the huge tree we had cut down earlier in the year. No one had volunteered to help with it until our friend showed up. I am amazed how God raises people up to take care of things! At any rate, I also had to stop to gas up my car. I got just enough fuel to make it to Charlottesville. 

I have to be at my counseling office by 8:30 am every Wednesday for a two hour clinical supervision meeting. I was surprised that I made it on time! After that meeting we had another Zoom meeting from 11:30 am until 12:30 pm. In that meeting I learned that we could go home for the Holiday after our afternoon counseling session! We moved it from 4:30 pm to 2 pm and I was heading home by 3 pm! Let the Thanksgiving festivities begin!!! 

Busy day for a Tuesday

Journal entry for Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Day (43)

I was up early to drink some coffee before heading over to the church at 8 am to work on a few things. Some paper work had been piling up on me for a few weeks so this morning was the time to go through it. I used my library table to sort it all out. It looked like a war room with every space occupied with various  documents. It felt good to finally get it all squared away. I left the church around 10 am to head into Lynchburg to mow the grass and blow leaves at the dentist office. I leave a push mower in the crawl space under the office so I don't have to transport it each week. It's a good arrangement. Today the grass hadn't grown much so I just mowed over the front sections and focused more on blowing leaves from the back parking lot. I had to leave one part of the back yard section because I had failed to bring the correct fuel can for my blower! That's a first. Oh well, I plan on returning next Monday or Tuesday. I am impressed because I have never mowed this late in the season. Perhaps next Tuesday will be it for the season or maybe I could stretch it out for the next two weeks and then drop by once a month until next spring. 

I was back at my church office by 12:45 pm and didn't go home until 9:00 pm. The afternoon was comprised of study and prep work for my Tuesday evening Bible study. Others started arriving around 6 pm. It was a great time together. We had stuffed pasta shells with salad. My lesson was about the major acts in God's story:

1. Creation
2. The Fall
3. Israel
4. Jesus
5. The Church
6. New Creation

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Time to change the locks

Journal entry for Monday, November 23, 2020

Day (42) 

It was a great day! I was able to get a lot done. I was at my church office by 8 am. A pastor colleague brought breakfast and we spent a couple hours talking and catching up. After he left I worked on a few other things and then headed into town for an appointment. In late afternoon I met the locksmith at the church to change the locks. They haven't been changed since I arrived at the church in late 2009. All the keys are not accounted for and several still have keys and have not turned them back in. Just last week someone keyed into the church to drop something off, even though they have not attended since the COVID-19 outbreak. There have also been days when I would drop by the church and the thermostats were not where we had set them. There have been some other incidents that have factored into our vote to change the locks. All in all, it was the right thing to do.

Monday, November 23, 2020

It's a joy to serve

Journal entry for Sunday November 22, 2020

Day (41)

I was up early and to my church office by 8: 15 am. After the full day yesterday I was impressed with being able to make it to my office so early. Once there I was off and running. There was much to do and I was energized for the work. The worship service went well. I stayed on topic and closed the sermon out. We had visitors also! I was so proud of our church for making them feel welcome. Perhaps they'll come and join us again. They seem to be a lovely family. 

The afternoon was full with a called business meeting after the service and a Bridal shower and other activities afterwards. I am so grateful for our church family. These are good days. 

Thank you Father God for another beautiful Sunday! It's a joy to serve.