Saturday, June 27, 2020

Friday Thoughts from Pastor Gary

June 26, 2020 

Looking back over the day I can see that I am inadvertently winding things down as I move towards vacation. For instance, I did not get a pastoral visit in the last couple days. However, I did compensate with more text messages, emails, and phone calls. Not out of obligation. I just utilized a different communication mode. As a Pastor, I like to stay connected as much as possible, part of shepherding the flock or keeping watch I suppose. Following is a summary of my pastoral meanderings/thoughts for the day.

Early morning I managed to get some reading, prayer, and mediation in before arriving at the church at 8:00 am to feed the cats and to work on a few things. I also helped the copy machine guy get our church copier out of the church so they can work on it over the weekend. While at church I emailed three parishioners. 

The afternoon and evening were pleasant. I texted the church treasurer to inquire about a few things. 

Just before dark I took a long walk. 

Overall, it was a great day. I am thankful for God's blessings. Before bedtime I worked on some gratitude exercises, reflecting on God's favor over my life & ministry. I try to do this every evening to clear my thoughts as a way to prepare myself for a good nights rest. As I did this I noted a concern at church which has been burdening me for some time. I sat with it for a few moments so as to not be dismissive but to accept it for its complexity. As a therapist, I am thankful for the ability to utilize such techniques. After some deep soul exploration over the issue, I set it aside. I reassured myself, much like David did in the Old Testament, that my God would take care of me and help me through. It was a comforting way to end another day of Pastoral Ministry at Central Baptist Church in Lowesville, VA.

A verse from the Psalm I used to reflect: 

    "Behold, God is my helper; The Lord is the sustainer of of my soul"

                                                                                Psalm 54:4

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