Thursday, July 30, 2020

Strengthen the things that remain...

Journal entry for Wednesday July 29, 2020

Throughout the day I had the words Jesus' message to the Church in Sardis which can be found in Revelation 3:1-6

        "Strengthen the things that remain..."

Last night our Deacon Chair and I spoke for about an hour over the phone about our current COVID-19 plan and our post COVID-19 plans of strengthening our church and continuing to minister to the Saints during these unprecedented times. We also spoke about the Hope of the Gospel and our part in being the Church both together & for our community. In Jesus' exhortation to the Church in Sardis many pertinent applications can be drawn but I will leave that for another time. At the moment He, that is Jesus, has made it plain to me how to both pray and lead. To do the work of strengthening the things that remain. 

Father, God, I look to You for this work of strengthening your Church. Use me as an instrument of peace as I serve as Pastor at Central Baptist Church in Lowesville, Va. I pray that You would move in our church in a mighty way and that souls will be saved.  May signs & wonders increase. Let it be. In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen.

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